Work faster with ease-of-use features.
You have better things to do than spend your time sending faxes. That's why a FAX SERVER  makes faxing as easy as printing. Preview faxes before sending them, rearrange or remove pages while you're composing a fax, and merge documents from multiple applications into a single fax-it's as easy as dragging and dropping.

Project a professional business image.
When image clarity is vital, you can trust a FAX SERVER. With a FAX SERVER you can send faxes with photo-like quality. That means you can give your faxes more impact by sending them in crisp, clear detail. You can also add a signature to outgoing faxes with a single click to provide a final professional touch.

Share faxing economically within a Network.
A FAX SERVER lets an entire Network send and receive high-quality faxes without buying additional modems or phone lines. Just purchase the client software for each PC in the Network, then configure one of them as a fax host; A FAX SERVER won't interfere with normal computer performance.

Integrate all your faxing tasks.
A FAX SERVER can integrate with key Internet and business software to extend the reach of your faxes and eliminate tedious duplication. Send and forward faxes as email attachments*. And link to ACT!™ Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft Outlook® Express, or GoldMine® to streamline fax addressing.

Manage faxes more effectively.
Simplify project management by storing faxes with other documents in whichever folder you like. Block against "junk" faxes by screening your incoming faxes. And create detailed reports on both sent and received faxes. All these advanced fax-management capabilities.